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Haryana emerged as a separate State in the federal galaxy of the Indian Republic on November 1,1966. With just 1.37% of the total geographical area and less than 2% of India’s population, Haryana has carved a place of distinction for itself during the past four decades. Whether it is agriculture or industry, canal irrigation or rural electrification, Haryana has marched towards modernity with leaps and bounds. Today, it enjoys the unique distinction in India of having provided electricity, metalled roads and potable drinking water to all its villages within record time. Haryana is among the most prosperous states in India, having one of the highest per-capita income in the country.
Haryanvis (people of Haryana) are simple, straight-forward, enterprising and hard-working. Preserving their old religious and social traditions; they celebrate festivals in traditional fervor. Above all, it is the hospitality of the people which attracts people from across the globe to explore the state with nosiness

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chabilee Haryanvi movie mp3 songs

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Ae Gajab Ka Dekhya Ek Chora.mp3
Ghana Kasuta Khatka Lagya.mp3
Jag Mein Hue Hansai.mp3
Mera Jeth Bada.mp3
Mere Sar Pe BantaTokani.mp3

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